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Highly specialised straightening machines are indispensable in mechanical and plant engineering. With precise technology and innovative design, our straightening machines enable the exact correction of deformations and bends as well as the smoothing and relief of strain in bars or wire materials. Thanks to their versatility, our systems are used in a wide range of industries such as metal processing, the production of structural steel, the automotive industry and the manufacture of electronic components, helping companies to achieve first-class results in terms of straightness and dimensional accuracy.

Our levelling machines not only work accurately, but also quickly - and thus shorten your throughput times.

Holistic straightening

The path to the
perfect shape

In order to reliably correct deformations and curvatures in metals, modern straightening systems are required that are not only 100 per cent accurate, but also reliable and failure-free. When planning, we not only take into account the actual deformation process, but also the work steps before and after levelling, such as logistics, tempering and crushing of the products - for sophisticated results and the highest quality.


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Precise and consistent
Our levellers correct your metal products with absolute accuracy and consistency - for high-quality results that meet and exceed today's industry standards.

Versatile use
Our forming systems can process a wide range of metals such as aluminium, steel and copper and can form a wide variety of shapes to meet the individual requirements of our customers.

Maintenance-friendly design
Continuity is our benchmark - that's why we manufacture particularly robust and durable machines that reliably support you in your business. Maintenance-friendly components also minimise downtimes and thus significantly reduce operating costs.



As individual as our customers: Straightening machines made by Unterschütz are consistently developed and manufactured according to the needs of our customers.

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Our products
in the field of straightening machines

Profile straightener

Profile straightener

Our profile levelling machines are equipped with state-of-the-art control systems that enable simple operation, precise adjustment and efficient automation. By integrating sensor technology and data analysis, they guarantee optimum process control during operation.





10 roller straightener

10 roller straightener

Our 10-roller straightening machines offer outstanding accuracy when correcting deformations and bends in metal components. The use of 10 rollers allows for a more even distribution of straightening forces across the entire width of the material, resulting in better straightness and shape accuracy. The throughput time is also shortened and production capacity is increased

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