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Unterschütz puts the finishing touches to your products with numerous processing options. As a result, you receive a ready-to-use product on delivery and benefit from shorter delivery times thanks to our in-house passing on.

Quality and innovation is our claim, which is why we support you with our services in the manufacture of your products.

Commitment and quality

From metalworking
To the ready-to-use product

Commitment to outstanding quality and precision.

At Unterschütz, we know that the quality of a metal product lies in the attention to detail of its processing. Our aim is to offer you not just products, but customised solutions that impress in every detail.


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Wide range of services
We also cover standard metalworking services.

Consistent quality
We use the latest tools and methods to guarantee consistent product quality.

From a single source
Unterschütz simplifies the entire product manufacturing process so that you receive a ready-to-use product straight away.



With 30 employees, we are here to help you make the right choice in product finishing.


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Our services
in the field of mechanical processing

Sawing work

Sawing work

We cut metal to your exact specifications, always ensuring maximum precision and minimising material waste.

Welding work

Welding work

With our team of experts and advanced welding technology, we join metal parts to form a robust and durable unit. We guarantee the highest quality and strength for all weld seams.

Deburring and edge rounding

Deburring and edge rounding

To ensure optimum safety and functionality, we carefully remove all burrs and round the edges. This step is crucial for the quality of the end product and helps to minimise surface defects.

Surface treatment

Surface treatment

Our surface treatment not only improves the appearance, but also the performance of your product. We use various techniques such as laser engraving, grinding, electroplating, polishing, sandblasting or heat treatment to achieve the perfect surface quality.

Surface finishing and painting

Surface finishing and painting

To maximise the longevity of our products, we offer various surface finishes. Our painting processes ensure an aesthetic finish and protect the metal from corrosion and wear.

Quality control

Quality control

At every stage of our process, we apply strict quality control to ensure that every product meets our high standards. Our modern measuring and testing procedures guarantee that every detail is perfect.

Planning & Service

Our quality promise

The Unterschütz quality promise: Comprehensive advice and planning

Comprehensive advice and planning for 100% customised products

Everything from a single source: production, assembly and commissioning of all machines and systems

Complete production from a single source

Perfect customer service: 24/7 for the best service for your machines and systems

Comprehensive personalised customer service from our employees