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Machines and systems from Unterschütz will accompany you reliably for many decades - provided they are serviced regularly. Our service team will also take care of this for you. Our portfolio also includes the inspection, repair and modernisation of outdoor systems. Get in touch with us.


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Our services

A total of 30 service employees take care of your concerns at Unterschütz.

Maintenance & repair

We support you in maintaining your machines, troubleshooting and carrying out repairs.

Spare parts service incl. installation

We advise you on the ordering and installation of spare parts and the provision of instructions and technical documentation.

Inspection of third-party systems

We ensure that your third-party systems function properly and comply with applicable regulations and standards.

Optimisation & retrofitting

We optimise and modernise existing machines and systems, taking into account current industry standards and safety regulations.

Manufacturing & prototyping 

Unterschütz manufactures customised individual parts, assemblies or complete machines, including the development of prototypes.

Design & engineering

Our design and engineering services support you from CAD design to technical calculations and product validation.


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Four times around the world: we have travelled more than 160,000 kilometres for our installation and service work. Every kilometre makes us richer - in knowledge, experience and satisfied customers.


About us

Our service

Your partner from A to Z

Our understanding of quality in the field of manufacturing and plant engineering encompasses the complete range of services from initial operation to the rapid installation of spare parts. We understand how important smooth uptime is to your business - so our 24/7 service team will ensure your equipment is running smoothly.


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Installation and commissioning
Our experienced employees ensure the smooth connection of your machines and systems.

Upgrades and modernisation
We regularly bring your systems up to date - for optimum performance and efficiency.

Training and support
We help you to get the best out of our machines and instruct your employees accordingly.