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Laser technology

3D laser cutting

3D laser cutting at Unterschütz is a guarantee for your time and cost savings. Compared to conventionally welded parts, 3D laser cutting can save up to 50% of the time and 30% of the costs. With our technologies, complex contours, holes and tube lengths can be cut precisely in a single step. This eliminates the need for scribing, drilling, deburring, welding or assembly, significantly increasing your efficiency

Sorting, measuring, marking, sawing, drilling - all on one machine.

Versatile and precise

3D laser technology

Unterschütz 3D laser technologies make it possible to cut three-dimensional objects with high precision and efficiency. In contrast to conventional 2D laser cutting, we can move the laser head in different angles and directions to cut complex shapes and contours in a workpiece. At the same time, we retain the accuracy and precision of the familiar 2D laser cutting systems.


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Innovative metal processing
Easier positioning, joining and assembly. Programming, cutting and forming of customised parts all in one place.

Improved assembly speed
Clever designs and profile solutions simplify your processes and require fewer parts. Slots and tabs facilitate error-free assembly. The labour required for downstream work steps, such as welding, is noticeably reduced.



We supply over 300 customers with our laser technology solutions.


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Our machines

3D tube laser BLM LT 8

3D tube laser BLM LT 8

Initial tube length: max. 8.5 m
End tube length: max. 6.5 m
Weight: max. 35 kg/m
Diameter of round tube: 12-220 mm
Profiles with max. side length: 200 mm

Stainless steel: max. 6 mm wall thickness
Mild steel: up to 10 mm wall thickness + 45° angled cut
Aluminium: max. 6 mm wall thickness

3D tube laser BLM LT 7

3D tube laser BLM LT 7

Loading: Tubes and profiles up to 23 kg/m
Diameter: from 12-152.4 mm

Workpieces: round tubes, square tubes, rectangular tubes, open profiles and special profiles

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