Headquarter of the Unterschütz Sondermaschinenbau GmbH in Hettstadt, Germany
Headquarter of the Unterschütz Sondermaschinenbau GmbH in Hettstadt, Germany


Dear customers,




Each plant for the Aluminum profile production and each run out system is different. Each customer thinks and works differently. As individual as you so should be your production equipment. Do not work with any machine off-the-rack – use the best. Build your future with Unterschütz – Made in Germany. We are developing and building your custom made and individual machine! With a lot of experience, innovation, with devotion and all that in the center of Germany!




The company located in Hettstedt is run by family Unterschütz since 1995. The handcrafted machines are standing for precision, higher performance and endurance as well as for your pride to create values with our machines. We are working with unconditional dedication for your success – Give our goods a test!


Unterschütz – Engineered and Taylor made in one facility.




The influence of the run out system is often underrated during the purchase. But this equipment has a major role for the success of a production. It is important to know that standard machines are mostly build in mass productions with low-quality material by outside companies and inadequate quality-assurance, great manufacturing tolerances partially under degrading circumstances and without environmentally responsible behavior. Under these circumstances it is impossible to build precise and individual systems.




Many times those machines are engineered in separate offices, others are manufacturing single parts and a third party installs and test the product at the customer’s plant site. We are strictly refusing these practices. Each component is crafted individually at our facility, started up and is being tested and checked before the installation on site. That is how we can ensure high quality and short implementing times.




Every year we are putting all our energy in researching and developing our components to put you into the position of producing best quality and to make you raise your productivity. Therefor we combine the best German and international engineers, electricians, specialists and programmers.


Unterschütz is the only manufacturer that is able to create an individual equipment. That’s an unique selling point.




To provide the perfect basis for your equipment we need to talk about all conditions and circumstances. We are taking a look at your wishes and goals and they will be part of our process of creation. The most important point is “what you want to achieve”. We will consider all the big and small facts like existing space, grade of automation, production programs and so on, in order to create your technical specification and your qualified quotation.




The most exciting part of the creation is that we are building future processes. We are now planning your future success. This is the kind of support we can offer you. Every part is planned, build and tested in our facility to successfully merge. We are taking a special lead to make it work for you!




Kind Regards,




Uwe Unterschütz